A father in Marion County, Indiana pleads with Facebook users to share the photo DCS took off Facebook and used to keep a case against this father open. A social worker with the agency told the father that the picture was inappropriate. The Indiana Department of Children’s Services has had the child in their custody for the last 15 months. Originally, DCS tried to find the father unfit but failed. They have not returned his child and recently used this picture to keep the case open and the father was told that he had to be watched, even though he has passed all of their tests and they could not find him unfit.

This picture was brought to our attention by Monica Szymonik. She is running for Connecticut state representative. She asked her Facebook followers if they thought this was gender discrimination when mother’s put their children on their chest to breastfeed. Monica believes in protecting parent-child bonds by protecting parents and their children from government over reach. She works very hard to protect parenthood and the planning that goes into having a child and raising your child how you choose to raise your child. Protecting your legal choices and keeping your choices legal.

One father contacted me and told me that:

Many people commented that hospitals encourage skin-to-skin contact for parent-child bonding. Some parents believe that the state agency has an interest in destroying parent-child bonds to make it easier for them to steal children by reducing the interfering with the child’s attachment to their parent they have less trouble with the child’s behavior when they separate the child from it’s father or mother.

The issue here is whether this is abuse.

Read full article here:


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